Easy DIY phonecases

22:27 Kathy Berk 3 Comments

Sometimes you are looking for a specific thing and just can’t find what you are looking for, this was the case for me when I was trying to find a cute phonecase. Somehow it was impossible to choose one. I found that others were experiencing the same thing, so together with my lovely sister-in-law Megan I made some super quick and easy DIY phonecases that you can personalise to your liking using clear phonecases.
First up, one of my favourite ideas, we created a little world map for Megan which is not very different from the scratch map a fewmonths back. In this case we found a image we liked, edited it on Picmonkey.com to look prettier and the placed tiny stars for every country or state she had been to. We then printed the image (getting the size right took some trial and error) and cut out the image with a knife, slip it between your phone and your case and you are done! The finished result is so cute and a real conversation starter.
Once you have the shape right it you can trace the shape on any type of paper you like, for my phone we used paper with a geometric patter and wrote out an Alice in Wonderland quote. Similarly we used glitter paper for another option for Megan’s phone, I think I might have to make one for me too as I love it so much.
Lastly we created a spring themed case that I am currently enjoying a lot. Using some dried and flattened flowers I had from this DIY. I arranged them on my phone before sealing it shut. It hardly requires any effort but it’s something different and makes me smile whenever I notice it.
 I hope you have enjoyed these DIY ideas, simple but sweet, next week I have a fashion related one coming up!