A few of my favourite things

14:11 Kathy Berk 2 Comments

Since learning about the concept of minimalism I have been trying to purge my collection of stuff by organising a clothes swap with friends and selling stuff online. Looking for minimalism inspiration online has left me with mixed feelings. I completely agree that having less stuff looks and feels better but the clean Scandinavian style I constantly see on Pinterest is lacking in character for me. I am all for minimalism but that does not mean my style is minimal, I like colour and I don’t want to live in a space where everything looks new. So on I purge, but the stuff I do keep is ornate, colourful and fun. Here are some of my favourite things which are everything named above but especially used and loved.

 1 This corner is next to my loft bed, the stack of books is my bedside table and usually holds a lamp, the book I am currently reading (The Children’s Book by A.S Byatt) and my diary. I am so in love with the velvet mask I got in Brighton. It is part of a small collection of mine so I am ready if I ever get an invite to a masquerade. The dollhouse was a gift from from my grandma years ago.

2 I spotted the rose quarts in a shop and loved this one because it is kind off shaped like a dish. It is now where I keep my everyday  jewellery, having a few favourite pieces  next to my mirror is making me wear jewellery far more often than I used to.

3 The Pikachu and the discoball are some childhood favourites I still adore, I actually have Pikachu flown over to Brighton for last Halloween as the boy and I went as Ash and Misty. He now keeps my flower hair band save while the popcorn box keeps a lot of loose things neatly contained.

4 I have always loved a bit of glitter so I placed these clutches to bring sparkle to an otherwise dark bookshelf.

5 This is what you are greeted with when entering my room, the mannequin is a queensday find which holds items that are hard to store, the cape is made out of fake fur of course. Since getting rid of stuff freed up a shelf I allowed some of my overflowing shoe collection to take over. The picture board is a DIY that you can find by clicking here!