DIY lace up top

21:15 Kathy Berk 2 Comments

This DIY lace up top is perfectly timed between the Coachella weekends, especially for those staying at home who would like to get in the festival spirit with a fashion DIY to rock later in the festival season, to wear out on the streets or just on the couch. Right there with you guys, one day! This top is a bit trendier than most of the things I make, I usually try not to pay attention to what is currently on trend but I like the look of these lace up tops and they are too easy to make to not do them.
Fashion DIY Lace-up t-shirt cheap easy girl coachella bohemian styled outfit

Like most of my DIYs, this is something you can make almost entirely of things you might already own or things that are easy to get. I used a ribbon that was wrapped around something I received ages ago. The snap buttons were part of a denim button set of which I only used the bottom and middle parts to create the holes to carry the ribbon. For the top I used an old holey long-sleeved t-shirt. I would recommend something with no or a very low percentage of elastane, mine had 5% and I can tell it will be prone to ripping. Ending up with a top that spits in half would be quite unfortunate so if you plan to wear and wash this top a lot I would go with a top without much stretch.

To start put your top on and decide how far you would like the neckline to go. Lay your top on a flat surface next and make a snip which slightly shorter than you intend it to be. Try it on again and adjust it further down if you are not happy.

Next lay out your buttons along one edge and figure out how you would like the spacing to be. When you have decided you could make small marks to guide you further on, I eyeballed it as I went. To get more of a finished look fold the cuts over and snap the excess fabric in place between the buttons, this also strengthens the places where the buttons are putting pressure on the fabric. Repeat on the other side and feed your ribbon through and you are done!

When wearing this top I would style it with the laces tucked in to the shirt on top of something high-waisted or on some denim shorts with a long cardigan on top. Because of wear and tear throughout the years there were some holes around the wrists so I created little turned up cuffs which is such an easy way to make garments last a little longer. There were also some holes around the hem because of which I’ve had to crop it slightly higher than I would have liked. This and the fact that the top is a bit more trend based than items I would usually go for means I am not sure how often I’ll wear this DIY, to be completely honest. This got me thinking about personal style. What is personal style really? Does it still exist in the world of fast fashion? How do trends affect personal style? I would love to hear your thoughts on it as I am not quite sure where I stand!