DIY Memory boards

12:23 Kathy Berk 4 Comments

After spending months away from home it has been nice to be back and see family and friends.
Since moving back in however I have been a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I own, I have been clearing and decluttering these last few weeks and decided to redo some of my possessions. A while back I created a corkboard DIY that transformed them from regular to vibrant and playful, but as time goes by one gets bored of looking at the same thing some I decided to redo them and show you the result.

This DIY is too easy and a great way to change something up while using things you already own. For the base I used wrapping paper I had left over from Christmas, it is just the most sparkly thing I have ever seen and I am on the hunt for some more. I then covered the wrapping paper with pictures that made me smile, most are taken on a polaroid camera, some are photobooth shots and others are either from a digital or an analog camera which I had printed off.

Seeing as the pictures are mostly one offs I did not want to pierce them, most of the pictures are held up by balancing them on old stud earrings I pushed through the paper. I also covered a few regular pushpins with glitter nail polish as I did not have enough studs to keep the pictures up.

Every time I look at these board I am reminded of all the silly things I have done with friends and the memories make me smile all over again. I can't wait to see what comes next.

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