DIY Bring your Tumblr to life with custom stickers

11:10 Kathy Berk 0 Comments

Everybody loves stickers. Combine stickers with Tumblr and what do you get? The best thing ever, that is what you get.

I just got a new diary and wanted to add a bit of personality to it, as well as just have some fun, so I decided to turn some of my favourite Tumblr and Pinterest images into stickers. I love adding a bit of my personal style to the things I own so this was perfect, and sooo easy!

You only need one thing for this DIY which is sticker paper, I had some that was already divided into 8 rectangles so I had to take that into account when printing my stickers but I recommend using full A4 sheets. I combined images I had saved on Pinterest and Tumblr with some cute phrases I wrote out in different fonts, but this is where you could customise it entirely to your taste. Once you have set up your sheet just print it, cut out your stickers and start sticking!

If you like the images I used and would prefer to use these instead of making your own, click here to download a pdf that you can print yourself. Another option is to print your images on regular paper and use glue if you do not want to buy sticker paper. Although I do prefer the neat finish the stickers give. Either way, I hope you have fun!