Making a house a home

14:33 Kathy Berk 2 Comments

When moving into a new place it takes a little while for your house to become your home. To help this transition along I like to personalize the space with DIYs and by constantly moving around my furniture. Not all DIYs work though, last week I thought I had a great idea but once it was made I realised that it was not cute at all, looking back I don't know what I was thinking. After making it and photographing it I decided it was not good enough and decided not to write a post about it. In the future I might do a post featuring a few DIYs that did not work and talk about what makes the difference. But for now I have something very cute that has brought a little sparkle to our home.

In order to make this kitchen cupboard confetti started off by buying thick golden paper and using a large cap and drawing circles in pencil on the back of the paper. Once you have traced enough circles, it took about two A4 sheets of paper for me, they all need to be carefully cut out. Using double sided tape I made a quarter of a circle as a base to work from, I wanted the design to gradually go from dense to spread out like confetti. After placing several dots I would take a step back and see whether there were and discrepancies or whether some dots needed to be placed differently. To polish it all off I trimmed the dots that spilled over the edges of the cupboard.

I would love to know if you have ever had a big DIY fail and what you have learned from it. Also let me know whether you would be interested in a post on my DIYs that did not work, in which case I will make sure to photograph the upcoming projects that failed.