Craft Kit Confessions

00:17 Kathy Berk 1 Comments

Last time I spoke about creating a capsule wardrobe, but moving abroad meant I had to downsize on everything I owned and I have recently realised that clothing was not the most difficult area for me: my craft kit was. So for future reference and because it might just be fun, I thought I would share the contents of my crafting kit.  While in Amsterdam my room is filled with unfinished projects and supplies to create more, nowadays my whole collection currently lives in a shoebox  in my clothing rail underneath my jeans, which is much more space efficient.

The newest additions to my collection are mostly stamps, I have gone a little bit stamp-crazy in fact, nobody needs four twisty stamp things – yet somehow I clearly thought I did at the time. In the Lanes there is a great place to buy the more vintage looking stamps, but I’ll discuss my favourite Brighton places in a future post.

While talking about things I may have way to many of, ink pads are definitely on that list. I will say that having these many options is very convenient for scrapbooking and frankly as they are compact and light, I regret nothing.

Well maybe I do regret some things. I have hundreds of spools at home so why did I only take three? And can somebody please tell me why on earth I thought silver holographic thread was a priority over white? I really did regret that decision whilst making Halloween costumes at the last moment this year. For those wondering, the silver box contains pins while the black box separates my thin needles.

Most of the space in my box is taken up by scraps of previous projects, mainly bits of ribbon, papers and different types of sticky tapes that I have used in the past. I keep it all as I am sure that it’ll come in handy in the future. I still have a sheet and a half of the gold paper I used for last post’s DIY and I look forward to make something Christmassy with it.

Lastly stickers – they are amazing and I can’t seem to get enough. I really like picking out a sheet or two at the local paper shop but I also love the free ones you can get at certain shops, Brandy Melville gets the best in my opinion.

I would be really interested to see what other crafty girls have in their collection so please let me know if you have done something similar. If your collection is smaller, don’t feel the need to buy more stuff after seeing mine, I could probably do without half of the stuff I own and make things that are just as nice.