How I made a capsule wardrobe / How to pack for your exchange

21:55 Kathy Berk 4 Comments

I was listening to an interesting podcast about capsule wardrobes the other day, in which Caroline Rector of the blog, talks about living with a 37 piece wardrobe. (Links below!) It got me thinking that the time I was happiest with my clothing and style was while I was on my exchange in London. Undoubtedly, living in such a vibrant city helped but there is also a lot to say for just having a smaller selection of clothing items that I all LOVED. So, how does one make a selection for a few months? I have been lucky enough to go on an exchange twice and have developed a method to create a suitable capsule wardrobe that could help you!

Step one is to write a list before packing. Choose a number that works for you and limit yourself to that amount of items. Find a place away from your wardrobe and start writing all the pieces you would like to take, keeping the limit you set for yourself. For me I started with 50 but upped it to 75 when I realized I was missing out on several clothing categories. (Sorry Caroline!) If you work in retail this is a great way to get through those quiet hours. Just go through all the different clothing items you can remember and decide approximately how many shoes you’ll want to take and which skirts you like best etc. Once you have selected your favourite items it is time to remove them from your wardrobe and see if all those items make coherent outfits. Are there any colours that do not go together? Which items do you miss to make your selection work? Add and swop till you are satisfied. Now think weather and activities? What do you expect you’ll need be dressed appropriately? Add or exchange a few pieces if necessary.

The hardest bit is to now not get insecure and add things you do not need. I do think it is important to allow yourself one last sweep through your remaining clothes to see if there was anything you missed that you cannot live without, try to be strict though. Once you are done start adding essentials like underwear, socks, tights, pyjamas and workout clothing.

The last question you have to ask is, does it all fit? If it does not see if there is anything you can miss. Another great tip is to select a few items that you won’t need immediately and to ask someone who will visit you if they could bring them when they go and see you.

I really hope this will help some of you, let me know if the idea of a capsule wardrobe interests you. I’ll be back with a DIY next week!

LINK TO THE BLOG UNFANCY (has not been active for a while but is still very interesting!)