DIY Beaded Bracelets

01:33 Kathy Berk 6 Comments


As mentioned in the previous post one of my favorite things of Brighton are the many cute little shops you find here. So when a friend came over we spend a whole day exploring them and we came across a very cute place called “Beads Unlimited” and decided to make some beaded friendship bracelets. Although there are many ways of making these we basically improvised and made these in a morning, but for a cheap and simple DIY they turned out very cute.

If you happened to, like me, be allergic to cheap metals I have a great tip for you, just cover the metal that irritates your skin with a coat of clear nail varnish. Be careful when doing things that need to move like clasps though as the varnish might seal it shut. 

The first step is to lay all your lovely gems in the order you want them in. Making sure to leave plenty of string on both ends, you can start tying the beads in place using simple knots. Make sure that the spacing between the beads is even and that they are not too far apart or close in comparison to your wrist and adjust as necessary. When you are happy with the spacing attach a clasp to one of the ends and finish the other side by making a loop knot on the other end or attaching a jump ring.

We made quite a few beginners mistakes that you should avoid. Make sure that you buy plenty of string as the knots will use up more string than you would expect, I would advise using at least 30cm of string for a small bracelet. Another silly mistake we made is not checking instore whether all the beads fitted on the thread we bought. Seriously, check all of them and while you are at it, check whether the clasps work smoothly too. If you were like us and bought pretty stones that have no chance of fitting onto your string here is a solution.

Get some threat, place a knot off center and thread all your stones then finish with another knot to secure them and tie your thread onto the string. I left some space and tied another smaller knot as detailing but that is optional. Cut your string in half and add your remaining bigger beads and finally a clasp to finish it. Voila, an extra bohemian looking bracelet.

Despite this being friendship bracelets we did not purposely go for the same beads, these bracelets can be a way of adding a bit of your personality to an outfit and remind you of a fun memory with a friend. And remember guys, “Best friend isn’t a person, it’s a tier.” – Mindy Lahiri.  Let me know in a comment whether you have ever made (friendship) bracelets and which beads are your favourite.