First time: Embroidery

23:20 Kathy Berk 9 Comments

When browsing through the 54th issue of Mollie Makes I came across lovely the cutest embroidery project made by Mollie Johanson. I was so taken by the smiling little treats that I could not resist trying to recreate some. I was able to make these without any experience and looking back these personalized tea towels could make a cheap and easy way to add a bit of fun to cleaning the kitchen.

I started by grabbing some left over canvas from a previous project and used thick thread to make the shapes. Although it might be advisable to sketch out the shapes beforehand I tried free handing the shapes which went well despite this being my first time attempting embroidery. I ended up making a napkin and kitchen towel by cutting the canvas in different shapes. This project was so easy and quick I’ll probably make a whole range of these, but seeing as I’ll soon be moving in with the boy I might have to make them a bit more gender neutral. I am already getting excited about the idea of doing some comic style BOOMs, POWs and BANGs. Logos with clear outlines will presumably work best, perhaps a tea towel with the Rolling Stones tongue logo would make a good father’s day gift! As with most DIY project the possibilities are endless.