Celebratory champagne cards

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I love a good card. My mom and I have a bit of a history of buying really silly card just to put a smile on somebody's face. Often the receiver does not get the joke and is left a little puzzled, but none the less we think it is hilarious. Except for funny cards I also have a weak spot for beautifully designed cards so when I saw a confetti martini glass card I knew I had to give it a try.

I stated by cutting two identical rectangles and folding them in half. With a knife I carefully cut out a triangle in the middle of one of the halves. It is recommended to draw the stem of the glass first before continuing onwards. I made the golden confetti with a hole puncher and some golden paper and captured it in a triangle of plastic, which was originally a corner of a plastic protective sheet around another card I bought. The confetti carrier is then stuck on the inside of the card with a bit of tape, making sure no confetti can escape. Cover the inside with the untouched piece of rectangle paper, depending on which half the glass is placed this could be done by wrapping the glass around the left half of the blank paper or by simply sticking the black paper on the inside.

I love how versatile this design is as it is perfect for any happy occasion, not just birthdays. To give it a different spin I made a more romantic version by using heart confetti. I would love to know if anybody will recreate this and what they would do differently!

I would also love to use this opportunity to share something I stumbled upon recently. I love independent shops and the image below open my eyes to an good way to support them without breaking the bank or accumulating unnecessary clutter. I would love it if you shared your thoughts in a comment!