Dissertation frustration - A Poem

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 Dissertation frustration

Familiarization. Procrastination.
An odd creation, quotation full of irritation by a nation of a lost generation.
Fascination with abomination, translation with no relation to the citation.
Temptation of vacation, the flirtation of liberation and relocation.
Desperation, delegation, dehydration, radicalization, no motivation, suffocation.
Separation. Restoration and revelation.
Constellation of fragmentation, realization. Imitation of the illustration, coordination and isolation.

Presentation of the recreation with some reservations.

Graduation, relaxation, world domination. 

I graduated last week! This poem was a little something that was going round in my head these last few months while experiencing all the things mentioned above. These last four years have taught me so much and I can't wait to see what the future brings.