What is in my travel bag?

22:59 Kathy Berk 0 Comments

As I am slowly nearing the end of my dissertation, I am also preparing for a short city getaway to London with my mum next week. I have always loved “What is in my bag” videos and pictures so I thought I would contribute the contents of my travel carry-on.

To start I have my purse and passport for obvious reasons. I like to take a notebook and pen with me in general but chose a light one for this trip. My phone for music is another essential although I always seem to forget my headphones at home resulting in me listening in on other people's conversations whenever I am on public transport. When it comes to toiletries I like to have hand cream and lip balm to moisturize, a comb and hairband to fight airplane hair and a perfume mini to refresh after the flight. Whenever I take a flight I usually wear my glasses so I take the case and stuff it with fragile things.

What is not included that I will also take my camera which I used to shoot this with. I also always put my keys and phone charger in my carry on because airlines have been known to lose my bags. I’ll also pack some sort of snack, currently obsessed with these healthy treats and a book for entertainment. I am currently reading George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia and enjoying it quite a bit. I am always curious to what other people carry with them so I am going to tag my lovely blogger friends Malvika, Habba and Seema and would love it if you do one too, if so let me know!