DIY: Vertical photo string

00:52 Kathy Berk 0 Comments

This week I wanted to post a quick craft that will add a nostalgic touch to your place. I am currently very busy at school, forth year is not easy. Pfew! So I threw this 5 minute DIY together together that is inspired by all the picture walls I have seen on the interwebs. Sadly I have barely any wall space in my room but I used the next best thing, my door.

To create this vertical photo string I used strong bias tape and a thumbtack to attach it to the top of my door. I then pulled it taut and making sure that the line was straight I used another thumbtack on the bottom. Make sure to push them in firmly, if not they might obstruct the door. To attached my polaroid pictures I used mini pegs I had laying around but a good alternative would be to use paperclips or thumbtacks if you do not mind damaging your door. I like the look of my polaroids but if you don’t want to invest in a camera you can use websites like Or just use regular printed pictures!


A cool variation would be to make an inspiration timeline by clipping images you like on the top and working your way downward over time, allowing you to see how your taste evolves.
What do you think, worth a try? Let me know!