Photo Diary: New York City Adventures

23:25 Kathy Berk 0 Comments

It has been  a while since I returned but as mentioned on Instagram I still dream of the sunlit days I spent in New York and wanted to share a few on my favourite snaps. The reason I went to New York was to see two of my newest but closest friends who have recently moved there and they very kindly allowed me to stay with them. To pinpoint my favourite moment or activity would be impossible as it is the little things that stayed with me the most; seeing each other for the first time (and getting stuck in a revolving door with my big suitcase, glamorous), having lunch in the park (with a pizza that was WAY too big), exploring Brooklyn, shopping at little boutiques, finding delicious bakeries, watching a BeyoncĂ© marathon, playing flip cup and finding ourselves at Time Square way past our bed time. All in all, I adored being in New York with these lovely girls for a fleeting and exciting week.

Check them out:

All pictures are my own