Goals 2017: Recommended Books and Films List

12:49 Kathy Berk 1 Comments

Do you know the feeling of walking out of a cinema feeling amazed at what you have just experienced? Feeling as if the world and your views on it have tilted a little after closing a book? My birthday last week made me think of what I wanted to achieve this coming year. My dad once called himself a student of life and what better way to learn than through the stories of others? So I have set a few goals; I created a book and film list that are to be completed within a year as well as the challenge to see at least one performance or exhibition each month. I really enjoy theatre and museums so one cultural outing per month seems setting the bar low but I would have to admit it would be an improvement.

Making the list of books was easy as there were many book I have been wanting to read, but I limited myself to a small number of books as I am not a fast reader and also wanted to leave space for other unplanned books that may take my fancy. I selected books that I think have the potential to influence me or that are classics and will thus allow me to understand more of the references being made in other media.

The film list was harder to set up, I came up with some titles but had to find suggestions elsewhere. I found this list on hellogiggles.com recommending films of which I had not seen the majority. The films on the list I had seen I enjoyed so I decided take these recommendations. Having this list will make me see films I might never have seen otherwise and I am curious to see what adventures the films will take me on. Ideally I'll be able to catch some of these films as reruns at one of my local cinemas. 
For those who can’t read my handwriting or stand the typos (Niagara not Niagra) you can find the full list typed out here.

Please excuse my curious cat, clearly he has decided to be in every blogpost from now on! Have you got a favourite book or film to recommend? Do you love any of the ones mentioned and should I make it a priority over the others? Let me know down below! x