Circus Freak Halloween Look

23:11 Kathy Berk 0 Comments

 It is not a secret that I love dressing up, last year I spent ages sewing a Ash jacket  for the boy and walked miles trying to find red braces and a yellow tank top to be Misty, and loved every minute of it. Not this year though, my outfit for Halloween was one of the easiest looks to create mainly made of things I already owned.

My “cirus freak” look was thought up one day on the bike and put together within minutes. I realise not everybody owns stripey trousers but their my favourite and mixing them with a velvet corset, some chunky boots and a red jacket was nearly the whole outfit done just from things we had lying about. I added two golden buttons on each side of the jacket’s lapel for a bit of shine and guess what they are lions! Nobody noticed a detail that small but I knew and sometimes that is enough. I also spruced up the top hat with a red and golden ribbon, added some dramatic lashes and lipstick and voilĂ , the look was done!
Or was it? I needed a bag, and not just any bag. A stuffed-toy-gone-backpack-bag was what I needed, so I made it. Full post on the process coming soon, but I can say I felt very save in the club as the zipper faces my back and hence is very hard for others to get into. And it is cat-approved!
Lastly here is a completely unedited shot to give you some idea what it is like behind the scenes – I cannot stop laughing at this picture. Clearly the tiger needs taming!