Free Downloadable Nutrient Chart (Vegan!)

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Nutrient chart heathy food vitamins

I have created a free downloadable nutrient chart that now proudly sits on my fridge. As a vegetarian I have had many people warn me about not getting enough nutrients in, something I would wave off without a second thought. Now that I am looking into veganism the warnings seem even more severe and I realised I knew nothing about nutrition. My dad is a chef so I have a pretty good gage on what is healthy and what is not but I wanted to delve in further and see if I really did eat as healthily as I thought I did, whether going vegan would cause any problems and if I my diet was lacking anything.

So I created this chart. It lists all the main nutrients and what plant based foods are good sources of them. Having all the ingredients laid out made me realise just how much choice there is for vegans and how restricted I have been eating. Some nutrients are hard to avoid others are hard to come by; B12 being an extreme case. My sources seemed to disagree about whether sea vegetables are a source, some even saying you can’t find a plant based source for B12. I am not sure who to believe but either way after hearing dietitian Lisa Steltenpool talk about the dangers of B12 deficiency, I am going to look for some good supplements. I am up for recommendations. (Not just good advice for vegans, meat-eaters have been known to be low on B12 too!)
Nutrient chart heathy food vitamins

In order to make sure I get everything in, I have stuck the chart on my fridge and coated it with a plastic layer, this way I can check off what I have eaten and get a good overview of what I should try and get in. So far this chart has already given me a few ideas for meals to make!Nutrient chart heathy food vitamins

It is important to note that I am in no way an expert in nutrition and that all the information comes from sources I found online that seemed reputable. The nutritional chart is definitely not a strict guide on what to eat, for one, it doesn’t consider necessary intake. I’ll be using it to make sure I eat a bit of everything on a weekly basis but the main reason I made it was just to educate myself a little and I would encourage everybody to do some research of their own. 

Nutrient chart heathy food vitamins

PS: DLG stands for dark leafy greens, think spinach, lettuce and kale