For the Love of DIY

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So this was originally going to be a post on what a leather guy can do for you, what your options are and how to ask for something in a way that will get you exactly what you want. This is not what this post turned out to be for one simple reason, we did it ourselves. In one afternoon two girls with a set of tools updated a bag, repaired two straps, resized a belt, made some shorts and rediscovered what DIY is about.
The plan was to give Megan’s lovely bag a bit of custom flair by adding a little belt as two chains on the side. Using a belt made out of a similar material, we plied open the metal rings slipped the excess bits off and applied the belt to the bag. It was surprisingly easy and I cannot believe we considered paying someone to do this.
It looks so good! So two lessons learned, first if you  If you are ever tired of the look of an item see if you can jazz it up first. Add something you have laying about or snip something off, scary at first but the successes are thrilling and energising!
Secondly do not be scared of just trying something, before you spend money replacing items, getting them repaired or altered have a think. Could I do this? Instead of cycling down to the leather guy, leaving the bag behind and having to pay for the alteration to be done, we just grabbed some tools and had a go. You save time and money and get to make sure it is done right. The way to get exactly what you want is to do it yourself.
DIY Upcyle bag handbag chains fashion update
And VoilĂ ! Here is the updated look with Megan as my lovely model! Doing this simple task I really felt like I rediscovered the magic of DIY. Because of the burst of energy this has given me I’ll be taking on some bigger DIY projects next. Creating something custom for no money at all is such a good feeling, I would love to know about any projects you have taken on or where you get your creative energy from! 
DIY Upcyle bag handbag chains fashion update