How to make your new year’s resolutions work

10:13 Kathy Berk 0 Comments

Happy new year! I hope your holidays were as enjoyable and relaxing as mine were. Sadly the time has come  to go back to everyday life but I hope you do not forget the wishes and resolutions you made for this year. I know I am prone to do that once the sparklers and fizzy drinks have been packed away. In order to help my resolutions stick I decided to create a visualization of my goals as a reminder. I was inspired by this lovely idea but as my handwriting is not really something I am proud of I created a graphic instead by adding words over an image I found online.( This particular one is by AlexLianopoulos on Flickr who has posted many beautiful images with that whimsical touch I was looking for!) As a finishing touch I added a letter to my future self in the back to be opened next year.

I have located the frame right next to my beauty table so that I can be reminded of my resolutions everyday as I get ready. My resolutions for 2015 are to make more time to do fun things with the people I love (invite), to put more dedication into fewer things (commit) and to read more (read). Any book recommendations are very welcome! Hopefully this year I’ll manage to stick to my resolutions and be proud next winter, till then I wish you all a wonderful year.