Quirky Corkboards

22:44 Kathy Berk 1 Comments

 Ever since I came back from London I have felt the urge to redo my room. With all the things I accumulated abroad the space felt overcrowded. So I have been busy, these last few days, clearing everything out, which is how I noticed that my corkboards were a source of unnecessary clutter. To solve this I came up with this 10 minute DIY which shall hopefully help brighten up your room.

Start by selecting a few magazines that you don’t mind cutting up and rip out any pages you like. For this board I used several images from one single editorial to achieve a coherent effect but feel free to mix and match to make it extra personal!

Once you have decided what images you would like to use start arranging them to your liking. This might be a little bit tricky in the beginning but keep playing around with different images and angles until you are happy. I found that it helps to add pages of text but that is totally up to you. When you have found the perfect set up, go ahead and glue each page down individually. To smooth out any bubbles and dent the edges I used a protractor and finally cut off any bits that were sticking out with an x-acto knife. My cat seemed to approve. :)

I chose to cover the edges with masking tape as there is no other wood in my room but an alternative would be to paint them in and accent colour that goes with the rest of your room. I am really pleased with the result and hopefully now that they are so pretty I will keep them clear of clutter. To finish it all off, I recommend adding some cute pins, Kate Spade does these gorgeous ones, but I took a more budget friendly approach and just used some stud earrings instead. Not only is this a great way to recycle earrings you don’t use anymore but it also adds a delicate sparkle!

I hope this was helpful!