3 easy DIY's for rented rooms

14:08 Kathy Berk 0 Comments

Today I wanted to talk about three easy ways you can personalize your room. These DIY’s are perfect for people who are renting and can’t make any permanent changes to their living space. Let’s jump in to it!

1 This is a great way to bring out an accent colour in your room, for this project all you need is colourful tape and a pair of scissors. Find a light switch that you would like to decorate and measure out how much tape you will need to cover the plastic from the top to bottom. Once you have sniped of one piece, check if it is the right size by folding it along the curves. If it is too long trim it till you have the right size cut a bunch more of that same size. Strips that you cut too short will be perfect for the strips around the switch. Once you are done cutting you can start sticking! I recommend starting with the two strips covering the sides and the ones on either side of the switch then filling the gaps with the left over strips. This is a perfect way to put some of your wasi tape to use. Continuous patterns, such as stripes, will be harder as you will have to plan how to stick your tape.

2 Making a collage is a super easy way of personalizing a room. It is similar to a moodboard except that this could be as big as your wall. This is your chance to show what inspires you. You can use anything you like, a great place to start are pretty cards you have received, promotional material of cool brands and magazine clippings. For the best result use things of different shapes and sizes but try to have a consistent colour theme and keep the spacing even between images. I used decorative tape to secure my images in a save way, blu-tac or painter's tape are great alternatives.

3 Along that same vein, one of my favourite things in my room in London was the massive map of London I hung above my bed. It adds a bit of colour to my white walls and is functional too. I bought it at a specialized map store and used blu-tac to secure it to the wall. Another option if you are not allowed to use a drill, is framing the map and have it leaning against the wall. A cute idea would be to mark memorable places, this works especially well if your map is not too detailed.

I hope these ideas were helpful!