First steps

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I love to work with my hands, for me there are few things tthat are as fun as creating something new or prettifying something old. I love realizing an idea and working on it until I am satisfied with the result. But once I am done I tend to get very insecure and instead of feeling proud, I feel like a toddler presenting an ugly drawing. To push myself beyond my shyness I wanted to give myself this platform to show what I have made and document how my skills improve. So here I go taking the first steps to pride and confidence by presenting one of my latest DIY projects.

I got the inspiration of Instagram where I saw an image of a ballerina in All-Star’s with satin laces. Her shoes were a lot cleaner than my city grime covered ones but I like the contrast. I bought the ribbon at a haberdashery near Camden market where I measured the length I needed by taking out one of my shoelaces and buying double the amount of ribbon. I cut the ribbon at an angle, which makes threading the laces a lot easier, and melted the edges with a candle. Even though this is a 5 minute project I am quite happy with the result as it changes the look of the sneaker entirely. I know this look is not for everyone but it might serve as inspiration to personalize your footwear.

Thanks for reading!