Styling Pink PVC

23:03 Kathy Berk 1 Comments

When sorting through my wardrobe there a few pieces I love but struggle to wear. I have decided to tackle these in a series of posts where I style these in different ways. First up my pink PVC skirt, I genuinely love the look of it and like how unique it makes outfits look.
First up is a casual way of wearing it, by layering things over and under the skirt the outfit feels more wearable as the emphasis does not lay as much on the material.

I love the way the PVC contrasts with fluffy jumpers. Because of the differences in material I decided to continue with the pastel colours. Before I owned my skirt I saw a girl wear a similar outfit to this one, it was then and there I knew I needed one.

Lastly I tried to grunge up the look, it’s hard to look badass in a powder pink skirt but that won't stop me trying.  Hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I did. Please leave me any suggestions for items you find hard to style in the comments.